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Where Mindset Meets Recovery: Tailoring Your Journey to Holistic Health

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Your mind can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. Establishing your PQ (positive intelligence quotient), identifying your mental saboteurs, building on what is strong with your individual character strengths is key to a productive mindset.


Understanding how stress impacts our physical and mental health, is an important first step – control what you can control. With knowledge comes the power to minimise and control stress, while building a mindset to deal with daily challenges by focusing on the 5 pillars of health. It’s also a great model for overcoming a diagnosis of a condition you were given medication for and told it was just genetics or bad luck.


We are all faced with challenges every day of our personal and professional lives, BUT it’s how we show up to these challenges that determine if we thrive or survive. Approaching those challenges from a thrive/growth mindset and controlling our recovery turns challenges into opportunities.

For the Individual

...the workplace is made up of individuals

Unstress Health provides a holistic approach to health which recognises the daily cycle of challenges, mindset and recovery.

Whether you are looking to proactively support your health, or you are one of the 50% of Australians diagnosed with at least one preventable chronic physical or mental condition, our unique model of health provides the framework and support to good health. 

Unstress Health is independent of the chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries which dominate our public health space. 

Our current healthcare system provides incredible support for a health crisis, but it has also become a (preventable) chronic disease management system – a great economic model, just not a very good health model. 

Unstress Health is focused on good health. 

For the Workplace

Workplace wellbeing, minimising and mitigating physical and psychosocial risk is now the responsibility of Companies, Boards, CEOs and Managers. 

Research has shown that 70% of the workplace feel their managers/leaders have the same impact on mental health as their life partners and more than their doctors or therapists. The paradox is that leaders are being asked to manage the stress in the workplace, yet they are often the most stressed of all. 

A company prioritising its team’s health and wellbeing is a company people will want to work for, and a company people will want to work with. As the research shows, it’s an excellent return on investment. 

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