Our Approach

A Holistic Solution
To A Growing Health Problem

The Stress & Chronic Disease Problem

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Over three quarters had at least one chronic health condition in the past 2 years

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Nearly half had at least one current chronic health condition (11m Australians!)

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One in five (5 million) people have experienced a mental or behavioural condition

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1 in 2 people reported inadequate & inefficient sleep as both usual and common

Nationally and globally we are experiencing a decline in collective health

Some further insights:

  • 3 in 4 Australians had at least one long-term health condition in 2020-21
  • Almost 1 in 2 people live with depression or anxiety 1 in 12 people have a diagnosed mental illness
  • 2 in 3 adults are either overweight or obese
  • 1 in 2 people report inadequate & inefficient sleep as both usual and common
  • Only 6% of adults eat the recommended amount of both fruit and vegetables

Should We Be Concerned?

What could this look like in the future or 10 years from now, for both individuals and on a larger scale?

  • Higher incidences of already increasing chronic health conditions
  • Increased average body weight Less mobility as we age
  • A larger burden on health care system
  • Large medical bills for individuals
  • Lower quality of life as we age

The outcome is dependent upon your choices

You are not a victim of your genes! Good health or chronic illness depends on how genes express themselves. Stress and lifestyle including exercise, diet, sleep and breathing influence gene expression and ultimately good health.

Are you ready to live a life less stressed?

In control, confident, empowered, energised, motivated, resilient & strong!

The Unstress Health Approach

How to Prevent Chronic Illness and Fulfil Your Potential

Our Holistic Approach to Wellbeing

At Unstress Health, we believe in a comprehensive approach to wellbeing that empowers you to achieve peak performance in all areas of life. Our unique framework is designed around three core pillars: Mindset, Recovery, and Challenges. This holistic strategy ensures that every aspect of your health is nurtured, leading to a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle.

We utilise this holistic approach in delivering our Unstress Health Membership to individuals and our corporate health solutions – corporate health programs and engaging keynotes and workshops.

Mindset: Cultivating Mental Fitness

We begin with Mindset, where we focus on fostering Positive Intelligence and leveraging individual strengths. We understand that mental fitness is just as crucial as physical health. By developing a positive mindset, you can face life’s challenges with resilience and optimism. Our programs are tailored to help you identify and build on your strengths, ensuring you’re mentally prepared to tackle any obstacle.

Recovery: The Pillars of Health

Recovery is fundamental to our wellbeing framework. This pillar emphasizes the essential aspects of health: Sleep, Breathe, Nourish, Move, and Thought. Each element is vital for restoring and rejuvenating your body and mind:

Sleep is foundational. It is the main building block of health and as such, the most important part of the day. A lack of sleep or poor quality sleep has far-reaching consequences for your health. We provide simple yet impactful sleep strategies to increase your mental, physical and emotional energy to improve your quality of life.

By improving your sleep habits, you will make the most profound changes to your health.

You may also:

  • Provide the body and mind with the ability to fulfil everyday activities
  • Boost overall improved mood
  • Increase brain health and reduce risk of chronic health
  • Balance body weight

Understanding the importance and learning the skill of breathing well is a key aspect to improving your overall health. Sleep disorders and breathing conditions (dysfunctional breathing) are serious problems affecting every aspect of your health – mental, physical and emotional. 

Learning good breathing habits, avoiding mouth breathing and improving breathing efficiency and function is critical to so many aspects of health; body chemistry, posture, muscle function, stress and a wide range of health conditions.

By learning to breathe well and engaging in mindful breathing, you will improve your body chemistry and the way it functions.

You may also:

  • Enjoy a better quality sleep
  • Improve the body’s immune response and viral fighting capabilities

What you put in and on your body impacts your wellbeing. Nutrition and nutritional advice can often be conflicting and contradictory, leading to confusion. Ultra processed foods are cheap and readily available. 

Learning how to make food choices provides clarity on what and how to eat to nourish the body well. Understanding the basics is required and allows for achievable and sustainable food choices. 

By learning how to nourish your body well, you will gain confidence regarding food choices.

You may also:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Decrease risk of chronic health conditions
  • Reverse nutrient deficiencies
  • Balance body weight

Physical activity was once a routine part of most people’s lives. The decline of physical activity in modern society has influenced health outcomes.

Implement sustainable and easy ways to move daily to increase mobility and strength. Understand functional movement patterns to move easily and without pain and improve metabolic health.

By learning how to move daily, you will increase strength and mobility to ensure a stronger body throughout all of life.

You may also:

  • Improve your quality of sleep
  • Balance body weight
  • Increase energy

Mental health issues are an increasing problem for our collective wellbeing. People are stressed, anxious and depressed. Improve your thoughts and biochemistry throughout the body and mind with practical exercises.

By learning how to improve the quality of thought, you will improve your overall well being.

You may also:

  • Lower stress and anxiety levels
  • Reframe negative thought patterns to more positive thought patterns
  • Find more joy

Challenges: Navigating Stressors

Life is full of challenges, from environmental and nutritional stressors to postural, emotional, and dental issues. Our framework addresses these stressors head-on, providing you with the tools and knowledge to navigate day-to-day hurdles. By understanding and mitigating the impact of these challenges, you can maintain your wellbeing and perform at your best, regardless of the circumstances.

Achieving Peak Performance

By integrating Mindset, Recovery, and Challenges into our health program, we ensure a well-rounded approach to your wellbeing. This comprehensive framework not only addresses immediate health concerns but also equips you with the skills and knowledge to sustain peak performance over the long term. Join us at Unstress Health as we embark on a journey to a healthier, more balanced life, where every challenge is an opportunity for growth and every day is a step towards achieving your fullest potential.

Unstress Health Advisory Panel

Unstress Health is backed by a professional and passionate Advisory Panel.

Read more about the Unstress Health Advisory Panel.

Are you ready to live a life less stressed?

In control, confident, empowered, energised, motivated, resilient & strong!

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