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The Stress Problem

Stress impacts EVERYTHING & is the most common cause of all health issues...

Stress has become an inescapable fact of our modern lives, wreaking havoc on our health and productivity.

As our world becomes ever more complex, Unstress Corporate Health Programs focus on simple, manageable and sustainable solutions to minimise and build resilience to daily stressors.

What do the statistics say?

  • 43% of employees experienced stress during a lot of the previous day1
  • More stress is associated with poorer emotional and physical health2

What about workplace health?

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Presenteeism: 83% of employees reported going to work despite poor mental health3

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76% perform below expectation due to mental health problems3

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$10.8 billion Cost to Australian workplace each year in absenteeism & presenteeism4

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Over 1 in 4 (27%) of people have taken time off work due to stress5

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11% of employees have chosen to contact their EAP for support (i.e. 9 in 10 don't use this service)3

Let Unstress Health transform the collective health of your team

Optimal health benefits every facet of our working lives – from improved concentration, effectiveness and team satisfaction.

The Unstess Health corporate health program encourages staff retention, productivity and engagement at every level of your business.

A company that is focused on the health of its team is a company that is setting itself up for success.

Health Solutions That Work For Your Organisation

Unstress Health Values Accessible and Affordable

We ensure our health solutions are accessible, physically to everyone. We do this by offering our programs 100% online via our easy and educational digital platform. We provide a wealth of health information from leading-edge doctors, researchers, professors and clinicians.

Unstress Health Values Achievable and Sustainable

Our solutions are achievable and sustainable, as the only thing needed to implement any of them is YOU. We go right back to basics, things you are already doing - we just support you to do them better, so you can be your best and live life to your full potential.

Unstress Health Values Holistic and Science Based

Backed by the latest scientific research and many years of clinical experience, our evidence-based health programs are based on our unique approach to corporate stress-management, delivered via our Five Pillars Method - a truly holistic approach to improving wellbeing.

Corporate Health Program Learning Platform

An educationally designed digital health platform to help your team take control of their health and be the best they can be.

Unstress Health Solutions and Health Platform

Find out how Unstress Health can optimise the health of your employees

Whether you’re an employee, a HR manager or a CEO – we want to hear from you.


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How healthy is your team?

Stress & Health in the Workplace Research Report

An Insight into Employee Physical & Mental Health & the Best Overall Approach to Improving Individual and Organisational Health