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Transform The Collective Health Of Your Team
& Unlock The Potential Of Your Organisation

These keynotes and workshops can be tailored to:

  • introductory keynotes (for breakfast briefings, lunch and learns, or company/conference events)
  • half-day or full-day workshops – ideally initially for leadership teams and then presented to the entire organisation

Option 1: Transforming Workplace Wellbeing: Strategies for Health and Performance Enhancement

Join us for a groundbreaking workshop, “Transforming Workplace Wellbeing: Strategies for Health and Performance Enhancement,” designed to revolutionise the approach to health and wellbeing within your organisation. Utilising Unstress Health’s innovative Workplace Wellbeing Assessment tool, this session provides a tailored exploration of the collective health landscape of your workplace, offering actionable insights and strategies for improvement.

Before the workshop, participants will complete the Workplace Wellbeing Assessment, which serves as a foundation for our discussions. This personalised assessment sheds light on the various dimensions of wellbeing, including the impact of daily stressors, individual and collective mindsets, and the critical balance between stress and recovery. By understanding these elements, organisations can identify targeted interventions to foster a healthier, more resilient workforce.

  • Comprehensive analysis of workplace health and wellbeing through the pre-workshop assessment.
  • Interactive discussions on the findings of the Workplace Wellbeing Assessment, facilitating a shared understanding of current challenges and opportunities.
  • Practical strategies and tools to address identified issues, enhance employee wellbeing, and improve overall organisational performance.
  • Insights into creating a supportive workplace culture that prioritises health and fosters long-term resilience and success.

This workshop is an invaluable opportunity for organisations looking to elevate their approach to workplace health. By assessing and addressing the unique wellbeing needs of your team, you can unlock the full potential of your workforce, driving better health outcomes, increased productivity, and a more positive work environment for all.

Option 2: Unlocking Potential: Mastering Mindset and Mental Fitness to Overcome Inner Saboteurs

Embark on a transformative journey with our workshop, “Unlocking Potential: Mastering Mindset and Mental Fitness to Overcome Inner Saboteurs,” designed to empower you with the tools to harness the power of your mind for success, happiness, and wellbeing. This session delves into the concept of Positive Intelligence Quotient (PQ), a measure of the time your mind acts as your ally versus your adversary. Understanding and improving your PQ can significantly impact your ability to thrive in the workplace, at home, and in life.

Before attending, participants will confidentially assess their PQ Score and identify their 9 Accomplice Saboteurs — the underlying patterns that hinder our progress and wellbeing. This workshop offers a safe space to unveil these internal challenges and provides practical strategies for transforming your mindset from self-sabotage to self-support.

  • Introduction to Positive Intelligence Quotient (PQ) and its significance in personal and professional development.
  • Insightful exploration of the Master Saboteur, THE JUDGE, and the 9 Accomplice Saboteurs, personalised for each participant.
  • Engaging activities and discussions to uncover how these saboteurs operate and their impact on your success, happiness, and wellbeing.
  • Effective techniques and mental fitness practices to enhance your PQ, enabling you to shift from being your own worst enemy to your best friend.

This workshop is an essential experience for anyone looking to break free from the constraints of their inner saboteurs. By cultivating a stronger, more supportive mindset, you’ll unlock new levels of performance, satisfaction, and fulfillment in every aspect of your life. Join us to transform your inner dialogue and embark on a path to a more empowered, mentally fit you.

Option 3: Revitalise Daily: Cultivating Holistic Wellness for Optimal Workplace Wellbeing

Dive into the essence of holistic health with our workshop, “Revitalise Daily: Cultivating Holistic Wellness for Optimal Workplace Wellbeing,” designed to address the critical need for recovery and wellness in our daily lives. As the modern workplace evolves, the importance of prioritising wellbeing has never been more apparent, with significant implications for engagement, productivity, and overall health. This session offers a comprehensive approach to enhancing wellbeing, both in the workplace and beyond, acknowledging the profound impact of our daily practices on our quality of life.

With alarming statistics revealing the prevalence of chronic conditions and mental disorders among Australians, the urgency for proactive wellness initiatives is clear. Nearly half of the population suffers from one or more chronic conditions, while a significant portion faces mental health challenges. These realities underscore the necessity for workplaces to become bastions of health and wellness, fostering environments that support recovery, reduce stress, and promote a positive daily experience for all employees.

  • Insightful analysis of the current health landscape in Australia, emphasising the prevalence of chronic conditions and mental health issues.
  • Exploration of the role of the workplace in promoting health and wellbeing, supported by compelling evidence of the financial, legal, and moral imperatives for wellness initiatives.
  • Introduction to the Unstress Health approach, offering a sustainable and effective strategy for integrating holistic wellness practices into the daily fabric of the workplace.
  • Practical guidance on implementing wellness programs that yield a significant return on investment, with a focus on achieving a healthier, more engaged workforce.

This workshop is an invaluable resource for organisations seeking to lead the charge in workplace wellness. By embracing a holistic approach to health, companies can not only improve the wellbeing of their employees but also contribute positively to the broader community. Join us to discover how you can revitalize daily routines, foster a culture of wellness, and unlock the full potential of your workforce.

Option 4: Empowering Success: Leveraging Character Strengths in the Workplace

Discover the transformative power of character strengths in our engaging workshop, “Empowering Success: Leveraging Character Strengths in the Workplace.” Grounded in the pioneering principles of Positive Psychology, this session offers a unique opportunity to enhance personal and professional growth by focusing on inherent strengths rather than deficiencies. Participants will learn how to harness the VIA Character Strengths Survey to identify and cultivate their core competencies, leading to increased confidence, happiness, and resilience.

Our workshop is designed to shift traditional paradigms, emphasising the cultivation of what is strong over what is wrong. By exploring the 24 VIA Character Strengths, individuals will gain invaluable insights into their positive personality traits and how these can be optimally utilised to foster better relationships, heightened motivation, and superior performance in the workplace. Whether you’re looking to empower employees, engage clients, or inspire students, understanding and applying character strengths can unlock potential and promote a more fulfilling, productive work environment.

  • Introduction to VIA Character Strengths as the foundation of Positive Psychology.
  • Interactive sessions to identify and build upon individual and team strengths using the VIA Survey.
  • Strategies for integrating character strengths into daily work practices to enhance engagement, performance, and satisfaction.
  • Specialised insights for leadership teams, including detailed Total 24 Reports for a comprehensive analysis of personal and interpersonal dynamics.
  • Team Reports, for leaders of 3-15 individuals, understand their unique strengths and how they combine as a team

We encourage all attendees to kickstart their journey by taking the complimentary VIA Survey prior to the workshop, setting the stage for a personalised and impactful learning experience. Join us to empower yourself and your team, fostering an atmosphere of positivity and achievement that resonates through every aspect of your work and life.

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