About Unstress Health

Supporting Individual Health
To Transform Collective Health

Our Purpose

Unlock the potential of your people, your leaders and your organisation

Unstress Health’s purpose is to bring innovative wellbeing solutions to organisations, offering busy professionals high-impact tools for sustainable change. Sustainable human performance allows workplaces to thrive.

Our Story

Founded in 2011 and dedicated to optimising individual health

Unstress Health was born as a result of many years of dedicated research, beginning with Dr Ron Ehrlich’s clinic-developed model of health which at its core, focuses on understanding stress and the many ways it manifests and building health and resilience through the 5 Pillars of Health. This model was used as foundation in treatment for Dr Ron’s patient, where he experienced first hand its effectiveness in improving overall health.

His book A Life Less Stressed: the five pillars of health and wellness explores and documents the holistic approach and the comprehensive model of how stress impacts our lives.

Since its beginning, Unstress Health has been dedicated to researching and optimising individual health to a broader community, Unstress Health now offers a practical guide to Dr Ron’s insightful and powerful book, in collaboration with great health minds and passionate clinicians.

Dr Ron Ehrlich - A Life Less Stressed The five pillars of health and wellness

Our Mission

Supporting individual health to transform collective health

Unstress Health’s mission is to build individual health and unlock individual potential by delivering health solutions in collaboration with some of the greatest minds and clinicians in health. We believe by supporting individual health and potential, we can impact and transform collective health.

What are some of the challenges individuals experience when trying to achieve good health?

  • Biased health information
  • Breaking old habits are difficult
  • The belief a focus on health doesn’t need to be a priority now
  • Ideological view of health trends
  • The “gravitational pull of culture”

How does Unstress Health navigate these common challenges?

  • By critically breaking the information down. Where does this come from? What is the intention or the possible agenda behind this? Our information will always be unbiased and backed by science and our Unstress Health Advisory Panel and experts. Providing reassurance the health information you receive from Unstress Health has one purpose – to build individual health.
  • Breaking habits ARE incredibly difficult. But it will be worth it. Unstress Health solutions are simple and sustainable. Small changes, done consistently, can have the largest impact.
  • Unstress Health advocates for preventive health. Over 38% of the nation’s ‘disease burden’ is due to preventable risk factors. Increasing overall health as soon as possible, greatly reduces risk of chronic health in the future. Making changes and creating new healthy habits now will influence quality of life when it becomes more difficult for the body to make changes, or it becomes too late.
  • Unstress Health solutions are neutral to health trends. Though some information and solutions may be in alignment with current ‘trends’ we do not associate with any ideologies around certain diets or exercise. As more research is conducted and more science and studies are released our information will only change based on this. This ensures our health information is current and up to date.
  • This may be one of the most difficult challenges. The temptation and pull of cultural unhealthy habits. Unstress Health’s mission is to build individual health to transform collective health. By fighting temptation, implementing healthier habits and focusing on your own individual health, we can transform the collective health, and in turn this gravitational pull will be towards a culture, enjoying healthier lives with lower mental health and chronic health conditions.

Our Values

In support of achieving our mission, Unstress Health will always aim for our solutions to be delivered in alignment with our values:

Unstress Health Values Accesible and Affordable 1

We ensure our health solutions are accessible, physically to everyone. We do this by offering our programs 100% online via our easy and educational digital platform. We provide a wealth of health information from leading-edge doctors, researchers, professors and clinicians.

Unstress Health Values Achievable and Sustainable 1

Our solutions are achievable and sustainable, as the only thing needed to implement any of them is YOU. We go right back to basics, things you are already doing - we just support you to do them better, so you can be your best and live life to your full potential.

Unstress Health Values Holistic and Science Based 1

Backed by the latest scientific research and many years of clinical experience, our evidence-based health programs are based on our unique approach to corporate stress-management, delivered via our Five Pillars Method - a truly holistic approach to improving wellbeing.

Unstress Health Philosophy

Identify & minimise stress

Stress is ubiquitous. We are all affected by modern stress, and it is not necessarily affecting us in a positive way.

Stress lowers immune function and drives chronic inflammation, the 2 key drivers in every chronic disease – mental and physical.

We therefore define stress as anything with the potential to compromise your immune system and anything that may promote chronic inflammation.

There are 5 stressors;

  • Environmental
  • Nutritional
  • Postural
  • Emotional
  • Dental

To have good health, we first must understand stress by identifying ALL stressors in our lives and work towards minimising them as best as possible.

Understand The 5 Stressors 1

Build health through the pillars of health

Buid Health with Pillars of Health 1

Once you can identify and minimise stress, the other side of the equation is to build resilience. By building resilience, you will build health, the number one factor determining your ability to fulfil your potential.

In order to build resilience we focus on the 5 Pillars of Health.

The 5 pillars are:

  • Sleep
  • Breathe
  • Nourish
  • Movement
  • Thought

There is no contention; the healthier you are, the more opportunities you have to thrive and be the best possible version of yourself.

By optimising sleep, breathing well, nourishing your body, moving daily and being mindful, you will be more likely able to fulfil your potential. 

Whether this is being part of a community, a relationship, a family, or amongst friends – being in good health and preventing illness and disease is absolutely central.

Read more about the Unstress Health Approach.

Our Solutions

Unstress Health provides health solutions for indivuals and organisations

Collectively the Advisory Panel has over 100 years of clinical practice. All members are equally passionate about staying up to date with current health research, all run their own practices and most importantly have a holistic approach when treating patients, looking at the whole picture and person.

For Organisations

Corporate Health Programs

Corporate Health Programs

Optimise The Health Of Your Employees and Company
Corporate Health Resources

Corporate Resources

Transform The Collective Health Of Your Team & Leaders
Keynotes And Workshops

Keynotes and Workshops

Interactive, Practical & Engaging Presentations For Teams & Leaders

Our Advisory Panel

Unstress Health is backed by a professional and passionate Advisory Panel.

Collectively the Advisory Panel has over 100 years of clinical practice. All members are equally passionate about staying up to date with current health research, all run their own practices and most importantly have a holistic approach when treating patients, looking at the whole picture and person.

Read more about the Unstress Health Advisory Panel.