Stress Pillar of Health

Stress Quiz

See how you weigh up against the five stressors - environmental, nutritional, postural, emotional and dental.

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Personal Products:

How conscious are you of what you purchase to put on your skin?

(body lotions, sunscreen, makeup, deodorant etc.)

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Household Products:

How conscious are you of chemicals in household products?

(cleaning products, washing detergent etc)

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How much do you consider and/or manage your exposure to EMF/Radiation?

(from internet modems, mobile phones, wireless headphones etc.)

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Do you have any known mould in your main place of residence?

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How would you describe your overall diet?

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How many standard alcoholic drinks do you have in a typical week?

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How many of your daily meals contain sugar?

(Sugar includes; sugar added to hot beverages, soft drinks and juices, confectionary, cakes, sugar added to meals, sauces or desserts)

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How regularly do you have bowel movements?

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What position do you mostly sleep in?

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How long would you sit in a typical day?

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Do you suffer from physical chronic pain?

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Do you feel stressed?

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How often do you feel overwhelmed in general?

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Are you able to remain present and focus on tasks at hand?

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How often do you feel anxious?

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What best describes your oral health routine?

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Do your gums ever bleed when you brush or floss your teeth?

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Do you have any mercury fillings?

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Do you ever wake up with head, neck or jaw pain (or any combination of these)?

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How do you typically breathe?

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